Brand Story

Eterna redefines luxury throughsustainable, affordable, lab-diamond jewelry.

Our Story:

Redefining the Future

This story begins with our founders’ attempts to shop for lab-diamond jewelry. From the beginning, it was clear that this would be a challenge. When shopping online, offerings were fragmented with no clear pricing guidance nor quality assurance. Jewelers heavily marketed affordable lab diamonds, yet did not provide a clear grading of the diamonds or mark unified pricing.

We wanted to feel good about the jewelry we were buying, yet all our explorations seemed to fall flat.

With these difficulties in mind, we dove deep into researching the industry in order to thoroughly understand what was going on. In the process, we realized the value that lab-grown diamonds can bring to the current fashion market. The on-par standards, cost-efficient pricing, and sustainable manufacturing all bring this material to the next level for the whole industry. The possibilities were within reach - someone just had to put it all together. So that’s what we decided to do.

We believe that lab-diamonds are the future of luxury jewelry and we are proud to be the pioneers of this new category. Similar to the price point of gold and silver jewelry, you can now purchase your favorite diamond jewelry at a much more affordable cost.

Mission & Values

Eterna is founded with the mission of helping customers navigate the transformation to a more sustainable future by providing access to the highest quality lab-grown diamonds.

Our lab-diamonds are ethically and sustainably sourced and are of the highest quality all while being more affordable. Our jewelry is designed and crafted to the highest standards and is perfect for everyday wear or for special occasions. We believe that our values of quality, sustainability, affordability, and modernity are what set us apart in the diamond industry.Thank you for choosing Eterna as your source for lab-diamond jewelry. We look forward to helping you find the perfect piece for yourself or your loved ones.

Our Diamonds

Here at Eterna, we take incredible pride in our jewelry. We ensure the authenticity and quality of our diamonds by having all of them certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI), so you can be confident in knowing exactly what you’re getting.

Eterna also takes it a step further by only selecting D/E/F+ and VS1+ quality diamonds for our engagement rings and jewelry, ensuring the highest standards. With our commitment to quality and certification, our customers can trust that they are getting the very best lab-grown diamonds available.

Most importantly, diamond shopping doesn’t work unless you can trust who you’re working with. That’s why our expert customer support team is here to help you with anything you need. We’ll gladly answer any questions or requests that you may have.